Friday, June 1, 2012

!ORIGINS 2012! and news update.

 !!Play Demo at Origins!!

1:15pm Saturday, June 2nd. In the open gaming area. We will also be unveiling for the first time to public eye the almost complete realistic looking track that has a mesh catch fence,garage area and winners circle! Along with a look at the new track graphics just printed last week!!

In Keeping with the Origins Theme this year with Time Travel, here is an old post from last year giving a brief synopsis of T.T.R. and some stuff added for where we are and hope to go.


Overview of TableTop Raceways

T.T.R. is a boardgame that uses diecast cars and 6 sided dice as its medium for gameplay, it was created in the mid 90s first made on cardboardboxes broken down and drawn out. Since then it has slowly evolved and has come a long way from its simple rules and early roots.

In 2004, improvement's were being made as we managed to 'streamline' the look and feel converting to the now 'vinyl' roll up tracks.And the first official rulebook had finally been written out and a new element of gameplay was added with the cards and 'driver experience' points.

Not much has been done since with it, and there has been alot of dead time since then,due to unforseen life events, but that is slowly changing and we are currently near the ending of the 'alpha' stage play testing and have moved onto much more of a 'beta' type play testing attitude.

2012- Lots of exciting stuff happening this year, The new track graphics for Track 1 are in and done along with being able to print them for 3 different sizes! 1/64th (Large) 1/87th (Medium) and 1/144th (Small-Micro Machine size)! By years end the new graphics for the rulebook along with the needed updates and changes to it we hope to have done as well. Maybe even make the game cards updated to look nicer, we will have to wait and see. :)
My hard work over the past year of making a realistic looking track with trees,catch fence,garage area,winners circle and what have you has paid off and will be used for promotional purposes and at conventions. And possible to even race on if so desired!

For the future we are hoping to start selling T.T.R. tracks soon,very soon. So keep your eyes and ears open and listening!

Brief overview of gameplay:

There are 4 differnt types of cards in the game, Raceday,Pit,Crash and Track condition, which are briefly explained below:
Raceday cards- Drawn at the start of the race for each car, some cars will get "bonuses" added on to there die rolls for the race if they are lucky.

Pit cards- When a car pits he draws a pit card, these cards can either have positive or negative outcomes.

Crash cards- When a driver has failed to regain control of his car after he is starting to 'spin out' and lost his saving grace die roll, a crash card is drawn to see where this car goes, wheather it is into the wall,droping below the apron,or into another car or if hes lucky he won't hit anything and just 'flat spot' his tires.

Track Condition cards- The temperature on a track will change throughout a race and as most race fans know, the "groove" on the track will change throughout the day and the cars will perform better on differnt areas on the track as the race goes on, to demonstrate this aspect from real life is what the track condition cards are for. You will recieve die roll bonuses if your car is where the "groove" is at, wheather it is on the high side of a corner for one lap or then changes to the lower part of the corners the next lap, later on in the race you will know as a new track condition card is drawn each lap when the leader passes the start/finish line.
Cars may draft,slingshot,block or make an "aggressive" move on another car throughout the race to keep things interesting as the race progresses.

There are also "Track Momentum" bonuses signified by the pluses on the gameboard track to demonstrate the realisim of not "binding" your car up when you come out of a corner and instead just letting it glide to the outside, you will be rewarded for this.

This is just a very brief overview of SOME of the elements of T.T.R. If you have any questions about the game, please feel free to ask!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

!New Track Graphics!

New Track Graphics for Track 1 are almost complete! Just looking for a Sponser! Email me with questions.

Monday, December 5, 2011

First Table Top Raceways video is up on Youtube!

 Video shows how the 3D scale track is coming along, its short, only about a minute long, but I hope to do more videos sometime in the future.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update on 3D Model Track.

The track is coming along well as you can see, I also have the catch fence up and some grass done in the infield, but do not yet have a picture of it taken. Almost half done with it. Still some stuff to do, but I am happy with the progress made on it so far and how it is turning out. Next update I hope to have it completely done......And ready to race. =)

Monday, September 26, 2011

!New! 3D version of T.T.R.!

Sneak peek on my work on making the 1/87th scale track more realistic looking and having a deeper feel, still alot to do on it like the corner walls,catch fences and making the turns banked for example, but having alot of fun doing it!

These versions of the tracks will not be for sale. Just making them for my own enjoyment of it and promotional purposes at game conventions and game demonstrations. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Car Scale Size 1/64th and 1/87th

Origins went well, better than we had anticipated! Got to race a few races and meet alot of new faces. And learned alot of things as well. Took some more notes on a few things we needed to brush up on and have some other new ideas for the game that we wont say just yet. Doing lots of research and coming up with unique ideas that are different.;)
Ive included this picture to show the difference between the 1/64th scale and 1/87th scale stock car diecast cars. Personally, I think they are the perfect contrast and target market. If you had to choose which track size would you buy one for? 1/64th,1/87th or both?